My Heritage & Philosophy

Bonjour! My name is Domitille Georget and welcome to my enchanting realm of the couture world where Elegance & Beauty meet Responsibility.

I was raised in a large family in the picturesque landscape of Brittany, France, where curiosity and adventure were celebrated from a tender age. This curiosity, the desire to conquer any obstacle, was the seed that laid the foundation for my journey as a fashion designer and pattern maker. This journey led me to different places: the charming landscapes of France, Germany and The Netherlands, where I honed my skills and perfected the techniques of my craft. Along this path, I encountered a revelation – a deep concern for the environment and a fascination with the narratives concealed within each garment. With unwavering determination, I resolved to contribute to a positive transformation in the fashion industry, aspiring to be a beacon of responsibility.

This is what I translate into my works as my collections are the embodiment of my values and the vision I hold dear. I am committed to crafting garments that unite Elegance, Sustainability and Comfort in seamless harmony. Each creation commences with a narrative, a tale that resonates and kindles the imagination of my discerning clients. The selection of fabrics that follows is a testament to my devotion to honoring Mother Earth, a delicate dance of Femininity, Beauty and Elegance.

One of my enduring inspirations hails from the rich and diverse tapestry of Asian culture, a love affair that blossomed during my profound studies. I delight in blending this cultural richness with my French and Norwegian heritage, forging one-of-a-kind pieces that carry profound stories waiting to be unveiled. In every stitch, in every design, I strive to encapsulate the essence of the world – my own magical world – inviting you to embrace your true self and reveal your innermost beauty to the world.


Commitment to Responsibility

My dedication to responsibility is not just a commitment; it is the very core of my brand's identity. I wholeheartedly believe that, in my relentless pursuit of perfection, every action, no matter how seemingly small, wields the power to effect substantial change. Hence, I have made the resolute decision to personally oversee the production of each piece, from inception to completion, all in The Netherlands. 

My primary aim is to source fabrics from the local vicinity, not only to minimise our environmental footprint but also to ensure the creation of these fabrics under ethical and secure conditions. While this goal may take time to fully materialise, I recognise that my journey towards responsibility is an ongoing one. As our world evolves, so does our commitment to knowledge and transparency. I am diligently forging a traceable value chain, meticulously accounting for every individual and place touched by my endeavors. I strive to reduce our environmental impact while ensuring fairness and safety in the whole process of my garments and within my company. 

This is also my reason to keep my atelier open to serve the next generation. I will make it possible for you to alter your garment for your child, grandchild, cousin, or friend, allowing them to live their own dreams while reliving yours. This all while taking deep care of Mother Nature.

My collaboration with Europe's most skilled artisans fills me with immense pride. It allows me to preserve the timeless traditions and techniques that define couture, infusing intricate details into the very fabric of everyday life. My creations transcend mere garments; they are cherished treasures meant to be held close, shared, lent, and passed down through the annals of time. I also highly value the beautiful skills of Asian artisans for their sumptuous fabrics, such as the silk.

With my garments, I invite you to become a part of my dynamic journey towards responsibility. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to know more, I am welcoming you with open arms.


Collaborations & Publications

Over the course of my career, my creative endeavors have found their way onto illustrious catwalks, graced the pages of esteemed publications, and contributed to captivating photoshoots in collaboration with fellow artists.

I believe that collaborative efforts yield fresh perspectives, novel ideas, and unique opportunities that collectively propel us to greater heights in our respective crafts. Therefore, should my work align with your artistic interests and aspirations, I invite you to reach out.

I welcome the prospect of collaboration and the opportunity to explore synergies in our creative endeavors that transcend artistic boundaries, encapsulating the very essence of innovation and excellence. Let us embark on this journey together, as we combine your vision with my expertise to craft something extraordinary.

Therefore, if my works pique your interest, please do not hesitate to reach out. Perhaps we can create together!


Let's Connect & Create!