Exploring Your Dreams Together

When we embark on the journey to create your dream garment, we will start by having a virtual or in-person meeting to discover your essence, your likes and dislikes, your sources of inspiration, your personality, and the hidden treasures that define you. All, to ensure that the piece mirrors your essence to absolute perfection.

Following this meeting we will meet again to go through mood boards, sketches, and a handpicked selection of fabrics. By your side I will sketch and conceptualise ideas, crafting a design that fully aligns with your dreams. Precise measurements will be taken, and draping, the art of shaping fabric directly on you, will ensure the perfect foundation for your creation.

From here on I will take a few weeks to work on your design and to create the toile, the trail piece. When we meet again, you will see if the design aligns with your stars and where modifications are necessary. Only when we are both in love with your piece, we continue to create it in the main fabric.

In the weeks after, I will ensure that your dreams come alive. Each piece will be handcrafted by me personally in my atelier in The Netherlands and will receive my undivided attention from start to finish. Once finished, we will meet for the final fitting. During this fitting I will make sure your piece is flawless and make small modifications when necessary.

From here, it is your time to shine - you can enjoy and live your dream! And although some might think our journey together would end, it is anything but! With a deep sense of responsibility for our beautiful planet, I pledge to keep my atelier open to serve the next generation. Your garment, a work of art, will be lovingly altered for your child, grandchild, cousin, or friend, allowing them to live their own dreams while paying tribute to yours and each stitch carrying a narrative as distinct as your own. This all while taking deep care of Mother Nature.

If you like my works and want to enjoy this voyage together, please do not hesitate to reach out and connect. I am more than happy to meet you online or in private at my atelier.

Everything you need to know before getting started

Let's meet! Likely virtually, in person at my atelier or wherever you are. During our time together we will focus on you, who you are, who inspires you, what your personality is like and what your hidden gems are.

All to give me the elements of the piece that reflects you to perfection.

In the second step we will meet in person and go through moodboards, sketches and fabrics to know and feel that we are going in the right direction and that your wishes are met: being the most beautiful and confident person in that garment, YOUR garment.

We will also start the main sketch where I will sketch some ideas with you by my side, to create the most stunning design you ever dreamt of.  Also I will take your measurements and do some draping directly on you. Here I will get some fabric and drape/shape it on you to get the best base of your body.

In the third step we will meet again for the fitting of the toile - the trail garment. This is part of the main process as it allow us to see what modifications are necessary. Also it allows you to see if the design is to your liking or if we need to make changes.

If we both fall in love with the piece of your dreams, we can continue creating the piece in the main fabric. 

For the final step we will meet again to make small modifications on the main fabric there where necessary and once done: The piece of your dreams is here! You can feel completed and you are looking even better than ever.

Now it is time for you to shine, you have it in your hands, it is yours and only yours: your dream came true….

…And I cannot wait to be part of it to make it happen!


Let's Meet, Discuss & Create!

    Let's Meet, Discuss & Create! Together we will work on your dream made-to-measure couture, bridal or gala dress.